Thursday, 11 June 2015

Mini Bourjois Haul

I went into Boots the other day as I needed a new concealer, and happened to notice that Bourjois had an offer on - if you spent over £15 you got a free 'Sunkiss Collection', which contained this huge Maxi Delight Bronzer (worth £8.99), a Color Boost Lip Crayon in Peach on the Beach (worth £7.99), and a powder brush (worth £4.99) - altogether worth over £20.

I really like Bourjois make-up but don't buy it that often as it is a little more expensive than other brands, however as I was getting these free I decided to treat myself. I bought the Happy Light Concealer in Ivoire, which is the perfect shade for my skin. The concealer cost £8.99 but is really good - it has a fairly thick consistency so that it covers blemishes really well. I just use my finger to apply it to my skin after putting foundation on.

I also got the Poudre De Riz De Java, which I have wanted for a while but haven't purchased previously as it costs £9.99. This is Bourjois' best-selling classic from 1879, and I love the packaging as much as I love the actual product. Inside is a loose illuminating powder, that can be dusted all over the face to highlight and leave a natural-looking glow. It is slightly sparkly but not too much that you can't get away with it. It also smells lovely - in fact the bronzer smells amazing too. I kept trying to sniff my face after putting it on (not an easy feat actually).

As for the free items, the bronzer is fairly dark but looks really good when it is blended in properly; I'm looking forward to using it on holiday to compliment my tan. It has a slight bit of shimmer in it to illuminate the face too. And the lip crayon is a really pretty peach colour that would look good with a bronzed face - plus it is moisturising and easy to apply.

Today I have just been in hospital as usual, and then came home and did some revision before having a nap. This is how my days currently seem to go: work, sleep, work, sleep, eat, work, sleep, work, eat. Such fun.
No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.
                       - Charles Dickens


  1. Lovely post Hannah - I love bourjois :)

    I wrote a post today that is part of the #JustATampon campaign; it aims to break the stigma around menstruation and levy politicians to cut the VAT off of sanitary products. I think it would be great if you could also mention this as I believe it to be a worthwhile cause

    Kate :)
    The Medic Journal

    1. Thanks Kate :) oh that's great, I will definitely look at writing a post on it xx