Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Medic's night out

Just a quick warning: this post is going to be very picture-heavy!

As I mentioned in another post, we finished our third year exams yesterday, so to celebrate our whole year decided to have a night out.

My dress is from Forever 21 and is the same one I wore casually a week or so ago - I love how it can be dressed up or down. I styled it with these leopard print heels, which are a few years old and from New Look.

My housemates and I invited a couple of other friends round, turned up the music and had a bit of a boogie. It was lovely to just let go a little after weeks of hardcore revision.

Afterwards we went to Heebie Jeebies in town as our year had rented out the top floor for the night, and it was so good to see everyone happy and celebrating exams being over.

Congratulations medics, we made it!!! We are now 3/5ths of our way to being doctors.

Here's to fourth year!

Today has just been spent cleaning the house and packing to come home. My dad picked me up and brought me back to Shropshire, before we ventured out as a family to go and choose a new puppy! If you haven't seen him, he's adorable - check him out on my Instagram.
Don't give up. Normally it is the last key on the ring that opens the door.


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic night out! One thing Ive learnt about working in a hospital is that us nurses and doctors party hard!! Haha

    1. Haha yes definitely, you need to let your hair down after such a stressful day sometimes! xx

  2. Aw congrats on finishing your exams, looks you you had a really fun night!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. Congrats on finishing! Your uni house looks exactly like mine did, I assume you're on smithdown? I love heebies! Hope you had a great night!

    Sophia :)

    Small and Happy lifestyle blog

    1. Thank you Sophia! Yep Smithdown - I love it haha xx