Sunday, 16 August 2015

A night out and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

As it was our last night in Edinburgh yesterday (boooo) we decided to have a night out to celebrate Kelly's birthday.

There was even champagne involved... (no part of the room/people got hurt in the making of these photos).

And of course we had to sing 'happy birthday' - with a northern cake for a northern girl (it's a pie and chips if you can't tell!).

Top - Asos
Skirt - Asos
Heels - New Look

I decided to wear a fairly simple outfit of this frayed white denim skirt with an open back crop top. I paired it with these heels, which were £11 in the New Look sale! They were so comfortable and my feet didn't start to hurt until right at the end of the night, by which time we had been dancing for about 3 hours.

We went to a club called Hive, which was £5 to get in because of the Fringe Festival, but had great music. It was quite hot and sweaty but we grooved along to old classics like Barbie Girl, 5, 6, 7, 8 and Cottoneye Joe, before hitting the downstairs room and dancing to some chart music.

As you can probably tell, we had a great time. Although it was so difficult to get a taxi due to Edinburgh being so busy that we ended up ordering one from a friend's house, and having to run halfway across the city due to the taxi turning up earlier than we expected. That was fun at 4am this morning. Run Forrest, run!

This morning we somehow managed to drag ourselves out of bed to go and see a bit more of the Fringe Festival. We first stopped at a venue called Pleasance, where we watched a comedy musical called Love Birds. It was very entertaining and the music was quite catchy.

Afterwards we walked into the centre of the city and tried a bar to see what act was going on in there. Loads of the bars, restaurants and clubs in Edinburgh have free comedy acts every hour or so which is brilliant as you can experience new people without having to pay. However, as soon as we sat down to listen to the lady "comedian" we knew we had made a big mistake. She had a Powerpoint set up and was droning on about 'factoids' of Wales. I thought we had been transported to one of our lectures at uni. I will give her her dues, at least she tried - I know I wouldn't be able to. But she didn't once make me laugh and I was nearly falling asleep (although that could be due to the snatched 4 hours I had last night).

I guess the good thing about the Fringe is that you can experience lots of different acts without having to pay a penny, and if they aren't to your taste then you haven't wasted anything. I really enjoyed my time there and would definitely go back again, although I would recommend looking at the programme in advance and planning out which shows you would like to see.

The only downside is how busy Edinburgh gets at this time of the year. It took us double the time to get anywhere due to the crowds which could be frustrating at times, and some of the shows filled up really quickly.

I have had an incredible weekend; I have done lots of different things that I have never experienced before, all with some amazing friends that made the last couple of days even more enjoyable. I am currently staying at Kelly's house for a day or so, and then will be heading back home to spend more time with my family and dogs. I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends as much as I have!
This is a reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you.

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