Thursday, 27 August 2015

Afternoon tea at Peckish

This morning we ventured to Ironbridge, a town in Shropshire situated on the River Severn, famous for the first iron bridge built across the river in 1779. We wandered around the little trinket shops and over the bridge, as the weather was so lovely today.

We found a shop called Moonshine and Fuggles, which sells different alcohol from all over the world - it was fun to see where all of the different ones were from.

Afterwards we went for afternoon tea at Peckish in Albrighton. It cost £10 each for a choice of unlimited tea (although I had hot chocolate because I'm not a typical British person...), plus a sandwich, 2 pieces of cake, and a scone, which I thought was really cheap for afternoon tea. The staff were all really friendly and attentive, and if you want to visit you should book beforehand so that they can make the scones fresh for you.

Peckish Cafe, 82 High Street, Albrighton, Wolverhampton

I had a feta, houmous and grated carrot ciabatta sandwich, which tasted amazing, and meant that I was almost full before I even touched a cake! The scones were still warm and were delicious with jam and cream. We were given coffee and walnut cake, lemon cake, beetroot and chocolate cake, date and toffee cake, and victoria sponge cake. My favourite was probably the coffee and walnut but all of them were great. I had a lovely afternoon there, chatting with Neala and my sister Katie, before heading to Telford and raiding Primark (oops).
If it's meant to be, it will be.

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