Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Paperchase stationery haul

Starting a new term at uni or school is always an excuse to buy new stationery, right? And where better than Paperchase to buy said stationery? I have picked up a few different bits over the last few weeks so I thought I would show you them on here - y'know, because everyone always needs a bit of stationery inspo.

I was actually given this lined notebook as a birthday present by my best friend and I absolutely love it. You all know how much of a sucker I am for quotes, and I like how it's hardback so it won't get scrunched up. I think I'm going to use this for hospital to make notes in! All of Paperchase's notebooks are beautiful - I have a couple of their hand-stitched notebooks which are some of my favourite.

These were also a present from Roxy - and highlighters are always so handy when making notes! I use them to highlight important bits of information, or titles, as I go through my work. They're good for exams too.

I needed a new popper wallet as my older ones are all broken and I use them to carry paper around instead of my huge folder, so I picked up this one with chips on as it's a bit more fun than the standard coloured wallets.

Raindrops List Pad

I think this has sold out on the Paperchase website, but it may still be in the stores - the website still has other list pads in different designs. I am hoping this will make me super organised for next year, as I can write notes and a tick list for bits of work that I need to complete (and probably a few blog post ideas!). I love how it has some sticky notes in the top left corner that can be used to stick to pieces of work, and the colours are just gorgeous. I especially love that the front has 'List Book' written in gold!

Folder with Stars

I also can't find this on the website, but I did buy it from the Shrewsbury store. It is a lever arch file with sparkly stars on the outside, and I'm planning to use it to store my notes in throughout the year.

I also bought a couple of non-photogenic boring, but essential, stationery bits like a pad of lined paper and some folder dividers. To be honest, I could have come home with the whole of Paperchase - their items are so beautiful and obviously  I need some doughnut-shaped post-it notes and a rubber in the shape of a sausage dog.

I have had a lovely day today - it was mostly spent tidying and watching TV, but this evening my friend Neala came down to see me from Liverpool for a few days. We're going for afternoon tea tomorrow, so watch out for the post on that!
There's no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.

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