Friday, 21 August 2015

Things I'm currently loving: August

I haven't done a round-up of specific things I've been loving for aaages, so I decided I would do one today as there's a few things I've really been enjoying recently.

1) Rebecca Chance - Mile High Book
I only started this book over the last couple of days, but have really got into it. I have read all of Rebecca Chance's other novels and this one is very similar - it is based around a stalker on an aeroplane with a bunch of celebrities. A light read that would be perfect for a summer holiday; great if you like girly books with a little bit of glamour.

2) My iPod
I always love my iPod but there's two particular songs I have been enjoying recently - Shut Up And Dance by Walk the Moon and Oh My Love by The Score. I really got into The Score's song due to Asda's 50th birthday adverts that is all over the TV at the moment - good old Asda!

3) Home Bargains candle in White Sands
So this candle looks and smells like it should come from Yankee Candle, but it cost... 49p. Yes, I am being serious. Home Bargains do some amazing candles and they are so, so cheap! I am definitely going back for more once this one has run out. It has such a strong smell considering the price of it is so low - this one is quite coconutty and tropical.

4) Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer
Makeup Revolution is the Superdrug brand that loads of people are talking about at the moment - it has cheap but really good quality products. This primer only costs £5 but I really like it and have been using it most days when I have been wearing foundation for extended periods of time. I find that it makes my skin feel really soft once it is applied, and my make-up seems to last for much longer when I have it on. Makeup Revolution's eyeshadow palettes are also really good and very pigmented too!

5) Nail HQ Base Coat
I am not exaggerating here - this is the best base coat I have ever used. It is rubberised to help the nail polish to stick on top of it, and I have found that, since using it, my nail polish has stayed on for much longer with hardly any chips. As in it has lasted for a whole week. Plus this is on sale for £3.99 in Superdrug at the moment - if you only buy one thing from this list, make it this base coat!

6) Lidl Peach Loops
I mentioned these the other day on my blog, but they are INCREDIBLE and I have been loving them for weeks, so I couldn't not mention them. Squidgy sugary peachy loops of deliciousness - go get them from your nearest Lidl (just don't go overboard as if they sell out I don't know what I'll do). You can also get them in an apple version.

7) The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome in 03 Bronze
I bought this bronzing dome on a whim from The Body Shop the other week, as I had a £5 voucher to spend and this was only £8. I didn't expect too much from it, but I absolutely love it. I swirl a little of this cream bronzer on the apples of my cheeks and blend upwards with a kabuki brush, and it adds a lovely bronzed glow to my face. I've started using it instead of my beloved Sleek bronzer, so it must be good. Oh, and the smell. If you've ever bought anything from The Body Shop's Honey Bronze range it smells exactly like the other products - it is described as a honey fragrance (whatever that is), but I personally think it's more floral. They also do this in a light golden shade, which could be used as a highlighter, and a pink shade, which could be used as a blusher. I now want the other two as well!

8) Bruce
Oh, how could I not mention little Brucey?! Well, he's actually quite big for a 10 week old puppy, but he is so adorable. Him and Buster now snuggle together in Buster's basket, and are constantly chasing each other around the garden. He is also really into chewing everything, including my laptop/phone/feet/arms/laces. Hopefully his sharp baby teeth fall out soon so he'll just be able to gum us rather than chew us.
Focus on the good.


  1. That photo of your dogs!! Such cuties! I've got that song from the Asda advert in my head now, but that's ok because I like it too. I saw Mile High when browsing books on my kindle but didn't get - not sure why as I'm usually a sucker for anything plane related, no matter how slightly haha. I'll probably end up getting it...
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  2. Oh my gosh, your dogs are adorable :-) That bronzing dome from The Body Shop looks very interesting. Going to have to stop by their shop and take a look :-D x

    Makeup, Beauty & Fashion

  3. Your dog is so cute! The Body Shop Highlighting Dome sounds wonderful, as does the book and the face primer! I can't believe that candle is only 49p!! Amazing. xx
    Louise ||

  4. Those peach hoops are great!
    & I will check out the candles in home bargains, they look just like Yankee!