Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Body Shop Jewellery - More earrings

Wow I didn't realise how hairy my face is until these photos were taken... Plus please ignore my skin - I'm having a few breakouts at the moment (thank goodness for concealer!). I recently received some jewellery from the Body Jewellery Shop and thought I'd do a post to show you what I got. I have worked with them before - you can see my posts here and here - and am really enjoying their current new stock on their website. I think it's improved even since I started collaborating with the brand.

Body Jewellery Shop specialise in body piercing jewellery, and literally have anything you would want for any area of the body, from ears to tongues, at amazing prices. I only have my ear lobes pierced (I'm not cool enough/am too much of a scaredy cat for anything else), so the selection was slightly more limited for me, but there is still a huge choice of ear piercing jewellery.

These dangly earrings are made of surgical steel, and are basically two little metal discs attached together, with crystals embedded in the front disc. They are not the sort of jewellery that I would usually go for, but I think they are really pretty and would be lovely for more of a posh night out, with a nice dress and my hair up. They are also only £5.95, which I think is such a bargain for silver earrings! Speaking of dangly ear jewellery, these panda earrings are so cute and so cheap, I may have to make a sneaky purchase... Did I mention that there is free worldwide delivery when you spend over £10?

I am loving ear cuffs at the moment, and I think this dragonfly one is so individual and sweet - it could be worn for more formal occasions as well as casually. You don't need to have the top of your ear pierced, it simply wraps around the top of the ear. It's also only £2.49 which is an amazing price and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. Body Jewellery Shop actually sell a lot of non-piercing body jewellery (great news for wimps like me) - they even do fake belly button piercings!

Yup, another ear cuff. This one is longer than the others that I own, and stretches almost the full length of the ear. I found it really comfortable to wear and it stays on as long as you want it there. And again, is only £2.49.

Body Jewellery Shop are really spot-on with their range of ear cuffs at the moment; they have a much larger range than they used to. This dragon one is quite cool, as well as this alligator, and I'm loving the rose gold options they have in stock - especially the bee one! Okay, I think I will most definitely be making a purchase.

And just to add some cuteness to this post, here are my dogs - they were lying there watching me have my photo taken the whole time, which was slightly off-putting. In fact Bruce looks positively evil in the first photo...

Today has been a fairly standard one - I was in uni for teaching and then I came home, napped, and ate my dinner. My housemates and I also started looking at places to travel to for our elective, which will be next summer. We basically have 5 weeks where we have to organise a medical placement wherever in the world we would like, so we are currently thinking about Fiji and Asia. It's all very exciting and is making me look forward to travelling again!!!
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  1. This jewellery looks great; I've fallen in love with the Dragonfly Silver Ear Cuff, it's so beautiful. The prices are so cheap too, and I love the free worldwide delivery. I guess I'll be treating myself to some new earrings very soon, because these piece's look well worth the money. Thank you for posting.

    Verna Ford @ Jacobs The Jewellers

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