Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Boutique Atelier

The Boutique Atelier, 33-35 Underwood Drive, Whitby, Ellesmere Port, CH65 9BH

The Boutique Atelier is a salon in Ellesmere Port owned by Richard Phillipart, and their tag line is, "a workplace of elite artists who take their craft and transform it into an art form for the sophisticated clientele". The salon has a fairly big team of highly trained hairdressers and stylists, which is reflected by the modern and sophisticated interior of the building.

Myself, Sam from Little Fickle, Katy from The Lilac Scrapbook, and Emma from Sew Emma were invited along to Boutique Atelier tonight as part of the nationwide BIG HAIR DO, the UK's biggest hair party. 

As soon as we entered we were given glasses of Prosecco and trays of food were constantly being brought around. I had just finished my GP placement half an hour before (after a longgg 10 hour day) so didn't look, or feel, my best - so a few nibbles and a drink was just what I needed.

The team were milling around and were really helpful - they were showing people how to do the perfect blow-dry, curl your hair using some Babyliss PRO styling tongs, or how to do an up-do. I asked if one of the girls could help me curl my hair; I love having my hair styled, it's really comforting and it actually makes me really sleepy.

After a while she passed the tongs to me and I curled the rest of my hair myself. I went for fairly loose waves and I think they turned out alright... I enjoyed using the tongs so much that I actually decided to buy some from the salon! Their RRP is £35, but they had 20% off and were therefore only £28, which I think is a decent price for a good pair of curling tongs.

I would love to go back to The Boutique Atelier just to try out these seats/beds that they use to wash your hair, although I definitely think I would fall asleep.

Katy asked one of the girls if she could braid her hair into two plaits - she was so neat and so quick that it was actually quite amazing.

Emma also played around with the tongs, and found that they even curled her hair, which normally doesn't hold curls well at all.

Katy's hair looked really cool when it was finished - I think it really suited her.

Katy then got hold of the Babyliss PRO Perfect Curl styler, which basically sucks the hair into it and turns it into a curl. It should have been easy to use, but Katy basically almost set Sam's hair on fire...

...She did eventually get the hang of it.

Afterwards I decided to step in, and decided that we should put Sam's hair into three different braids, and then plait them together into one big braid. And this was the effect...

I'm so wasted in medicine - I should definitely be a hairdresser. I think it looks really Rapunzel-esque and it was actually fairly easy to do; it looks great in Sam's hair as she has such a lot of it.

I had a lovely evening, it was great to meet all of the team and spend a few hours with some blogger friends again. I would like to thank The Boutique Atelier for having us, and the team for giving us some tips and tricks, as well as a really fun night.
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