Tuesday, 22 September 2015

West Midlands Blogger Meet

West Midlands Blogger Meet
Photo by Adele

So I've finally got round to writing up my post about the West Midlands Blogger Meet that I've been harping on about. It happened on Saturday in the Rainbow Pub in Digbeth, Birmingham (an area I'd never been to before, but was pleasantly surprised to find a great vintage shop there), and was organised by the amazing Kirsty from Just A Little Bit Ginger and Adele from Adele Louise Smith.

The venue was lovely - quite a quirky pub with enough space for around 25 bloggers, plus brands with stalls along one wall.

Kirsty and Adele had set up the event so that we could talk to the brand representatives whilst still meeting other bloggers, and we could grab food or drinks from the bar whenever we felt slightly peckish. These Say Yes To No toasted bread chips were my favourite, especially the sour cream and onion flavour, so much so that my dad finished them all off as soon as I got home - which I was slightly miffed about.

There was also a raffle held in aid of Mind, the mental health charity, which I was obviously really chuffed about - and more than happy to buy a strip of tickets. I unfortunately didn't win anything, but they had loads of great products on offer. I had my eye on the Nourish skincare set, as I've used their kale cleanser before (post here) and loved it, so would like to try some of their other bits.

Overall we managed to raise £93 for Mind, which is incredible and I hope it will help someone that is suffering with their mental health.

The brands that attended were Nicky from Get You Seen PR, Sarah from EarlyBird (a bit like Graze boxes), and a couple of girls from SkinSincere.

We had a talk from Elizabeth, a Pinterest Ambassador, about how to grow your blog following by using Pinterest. It was a really interesting and informative talk, and something that I hadn't put much thought or time into before. I generally just use Pinterest for inspiration/pretty pictures that catch my eye, but will definitely be pinning some images from my blog on there from now on.

A lovely lady also attended from Coppafeel, an organisation that encourages women to check their breasts for any sign of breast cancer - a great idea that will probably save many lives.

 We also had a talk from Chelsea from Loving Life In Wellies, who is a professional blogger. She spoke to us about working with brands and making our blogs the best they can be, which was so helpful. Chelsea is really lovely - I met her at the Shropshire Meet back in May - so I ended up spending most of the day with her, and making plans to meet up again soon. It's amazing making new friends through blogging, it's something I never imagined I would do and is definitely huge a bonus to having a blog. It's funny, parents always used to warn you about meeting strangers on the internet, and I guess that's a little what meeting other bloggers is like, except you kind of know them.

Photo by Adele

I quite stupidly wore a thick jumper with a faux leather skirt to the meet up (photos here and here) and was absolutely boiling throughout the whole day, but I do like how my outfit looked.

The goody bags were also incredible, packed with lots of different brands, and almost too heavy to carry home. They were probably 60% food which I was very happy with - I am planning on doing a post on it soon so won't talk any more about it for now.

Photo by Adele

Adele and Kirsty did such a good job of hosting the meet up - I thoroughly enjoyed myself and loved meeting everyone there. They are organising another meet in Birmingham in November which I am really looking forward to! You can contact them on Twitter if you are interested in attending, or sign up on their database.

I have actually had a great day today after yesterday's slight fiasco. My parents came up from home to spend the day with me, so we went out for breakfast and looked around the cathedrals - it was so lovely to spend some quality time with them.
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  1. Aww it was lovely to see you again too! It's always nice to see a friendly face at these things. And I managed to find my client's studio (with the heavy bag!!)

    See you soon!


  2. It was such a good event! Sorry I didnt really get chance to chat to you xx