Friday, 2 October 2015

Glasgow and the Hard Rock Cafe

Today I was back at the RCGP conference, but this time with a few other members of the GP society to join me... So of course the first thing we did was hit the free pick and mix. I mean, we're poor students - what else are we going to do?!

 We also found a smoothie bike, where cycling caused the blender to work and create a smoothie for you. We weren't quite sure what the point was in it, but it was fun and we are now considering getting one for all GP society events (kidding, but it would promote exercise and healthy eating).

Myself and Maya had a pineapple and mango smoothie which was gorgeous and a lovely start to the morning.

After raiding all the stands and getting loads of freebies, including a portable phone charger and a stress ball, we found our poster and stood with it for a while so that people could ask questions. The GPs seemed really interested in our results and loads of people took away our spare flyers. I really think that our research could make a difference to GP recruitment, as we have tapped into what medical students think of General Practice as a career, why they would choose a certain vocation, and the factors that influence the path that they choose to go down.

We also sat in on a talk about GP recruitment which was really interesting, and very relevant to our research. Most of the doctors were suggesting that we should have better quality GP placements and that we need to challenge the negative stigma towards General Practice, which I do agree with - but we also had some comments to make with regards to our own findings and views as medical students. I think that one GP can be so inspiring and can really make someone want to choose General Practice as a career - that can make such a difference to someone's future career path. If students have more positive placements that they actually enjoy, they are much more likely to become a GP. I also think that we should be thrown into the deep end early on, and have our own consultations, as I did that this year and I enjoyed myself so much - it really made me realise what a job as a GP would entail.

After the conference ended for the day we had a bit of an exploration of Glasgow, and couldn't have visited without entering a souvenir shop. It was absolutely packed full of tartan and Nessie; my personal favourite was the matching tartan tights you could buy to go with your tartan kilt and checked heels. Plus a beret if you fancy it, as Sharna did above.

We then decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe for a bite to eat. I have never been before so was quite excited to go in - and the interior didn't disappoint. The music was great and I loved all of the rock references all over the walls; it had a really cool vibe.

Unfortunately I don't think the food quite lived up to expectations. I had a Veggie Leggie burger, packed full of mushroom, tomato, onions and pepper. The burger itself was more meaty than veggie, in a Quorn-style pattie, and I much prefer a bean or vegetable burger. It definitely was nowhere near the best burger I've ever had, and I thought it was a little steep for £14. The chips were really good though, and the soft drinks are unlimited which is great. I think next time I'd try the fajitas as they did look delicious.

I then caught the long train home to Shropshire, where I'm staying for the weekend. I've had such a lovely day spent with some of the girls from GP society, as well as meeting some really interesting doctors - I think this is my favourite conference that I've attended so far. Roll on next year's conference!
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