Sunday, 25 October 2015

My picks from the 2015 Boots Christmas gift guide

Okay, it may be a little bit early... But I am already so excited for Christmas!!! I love everything about this time of year, and the lead-up to Christmas is one of the most exciting few weeks ever. I'm sure I get even more excited each year - perhaps because I'm away from home and appreciate having those two weeks off to spend with family and friends, eating and drinking and enjoying life.

Boots always bring out some amazing gifts each year (and an incredible sale on them after Christmas!), and I always make sure I pick up their Christmas catalogue and go and look at the gift aisle in the shops. So I thought I would put together a few of my own picks from this year's gift guide...

Sony ZX310 AP Headphones (£29.99) (or £14.99 version, without the microphone) 

Seventeen Ultimate Collection (£20 at the moment, RRP £40)

So writing this list has made me even more excited for Christmas - apologies to my housemates, who get the brunt of my early festive-ness. Can we just put our decorations up now?!

Today I have literally stayed in bed all day until this evening - and it has been heaven. I've just slept, ate, and watched Netflix. Bliss.
Never regret anything that once made you happy.

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