Wednesday, 2 December 2015

24 things that happen when you live with your best friend(s)

1) You enter their bedroom without knocking, even though they could be fully naked.
2) You get into their bed without asking. It's often comfier than yours.
3) Your TV schedule becomes synced. Wednesday night = The Apprentice + I'm A Celeb. Plus it becomes a crime to watch an episode without the other one present.
4) You have shared a toothbrush when you forgot to buy one.
5) You know each other's parents on first-name terms and don't hesitate to make fun of them whenever you see them.
6) You celebrate random things together. National ginger day? Let's get some ice-cream! Day off uni together? Let's watch a whole series of films!

7) Late night trips to Asda for chocolate/ice-cream/Christmas decorations never fail to amuse.
8) You always have a cuddle buddy.
9) You raid each other's wardrobes when you have nothing to wear.
10) It becomes difficult not to overshare - you never hesitate to tell each other when you desperately need to go for a poo.
11) You get ready for a night out together, usually helping each other out with hair and make-up.
12) Your periods have probably synced.

13) You have seen each other at your best, and your worst.
14) You don't mind your housemate seeing you with your hair all over the place and no make-up on, even if you broke out in spots over night.
15) Photos taken of you together usually err on the side of funny/ugly, rather than smiley.
16) You always have someone to debrief with after something happens, or a deep chat if you need it.
17) You miss each other when you're away for a weekend.
18) You have catch-phrases and in-jokes that nobody else understands. They just think you're weird.

19) Dancing and singing around the house together becomes the norm. There becomes an unspoken rule that you must always join in when the other spontaneously bursts into song.
20) Nights in together are the best.
21) You know you don't really need to ask to borrow their cheese/milk/hair straighteners.
22) You always have someone to give you advice - whether it's straight-up or sugar-coated, they always judge the situation well.
23) You sometimes text each other from your beds, as you're too lazy to get out and go and actually talk to them.
24) It's always nice to come home to someone you love after a long day, and you know you're extremely lucky to live with your best friend(s).
We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.

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  1. Haha, I can relate to a lot of this - I've loved living with people I get on with so well! I especially understand the texting each other from bed. Last year, my housemate and I had bedrooms next door to each other and would whatsapp to each other, despite the fact that we would often be lying on our beds and therefore probably only about a wall's thickness apart!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog