Sunday, 20 December 2015

Festive traditions

Today I went to our local pub for dinner with my family and a group of family friends. This is an annual occurrence - we always go out for a meal in a big group every Sunday before 25th December. We've probably done this for at least 10 years, and it makes me so happy because it feels like the start of the countdown to Christmas. Afterwards our younger friends came round to our house for a while for a couple of board games and dancing along to Christmas songs. I drank a little too much wine and ended up dancing around my sister's room, singing the Harry Potter Puppet Pals song (anyone remember that??! See the video here if not), whilst she (unbeknownst to me) recorded it and put it on SnapChat. Whoops.

I love Christmas traditions with family and friends - we have so many of them that I enjoy every year. I think they're really what makes this time of year - Christmas wouldn't be the same without them :)
If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies.

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