Saturday, 12 December 2015

Our annual university Christmas dinner

Today I slept until 4pm (to be fair, I was up until about 3am last night just talking to my housemates with a pizza takeaway) and it felt so good to not have to particularly get up for anything.

When I finally did drag myself out of bed. I helped my housemates prepare a full Christmas dinner for us and our friends. We cooked turkey, pigs in blankets, peas, carrots, broccoli, roast potatoes, sprouts and cabbage - and I did a macaroni cheese for the vegetarians (which I have to say, was amazing). We also had buck's fizz and a Christmas pudding for dessert.

Afterwards we sat around with a glass of wine and chatted or sang along to Christmas songs. Myself and Neala did a rather good rendition of Silent Night - even if I did sound like a wailing warthog. It was lovely to have some good food and even better people around, and catch up properly before Christmas rolls around. We break up on Friday and are all extremely excited to go home. I feel like I'm always blogging about food at the moment, but that is what Christmas is about - right?!

My laptop broke the other day - something to do with the hardware - so has had to be sent off for repairs. So I'm still going to try and write my blog every day, but may not be able to manage it on days where I can't borrow someone else's computer. So just bear with me! Hope you all had a great Saturday :)
Don't count the days, make the days count.

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  1. We always have one of those - it's a fab uni tradition! And no Christmas dinner would be complete without pigs and blankets and a cheeky tipple!

    Steph -