Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Bring it, 2016!

I know, I know, every blogger under the sun is doing one of these posts - but sometimes you just have to jump on the bandwagon (or bounce on it, as my dad would say).

2016 is going to be my biggest year of travel to date. Over the next 12 months I will hopefully be visiting Paris, Fiji, Australia, Asia, Italy and Ireland. A few of these are with my course, and I feel so lucky to be studying something that satisfies my wanderlust and gives me the opportunity to travel and experience healthcare in different countries.

I didn't want to set specific targets for myself this year, as I don't really want the pressure to complete them, but I do hope that 2016 will be a happy one for me. I would love to be able to dose down on my antidepressants and have less and less days like yesterday. Towards the end of 2015 I was really well and genuinely happy, so I am hoping that I have many more days like this over the next 12 months. If I don't have my health, then what do I have?

I want to spend more time with family and friends, enjoying life and not stressing about the small things so much. I already have lots of exciting plans for 2016 - I think I need things to look forward to to get me through the more stressful periods of time.

2016 will also (hopefully) be the year that I start my final year of medical school, which means that I will qualify as a doctor next year. It is actually terrifying, but I am immensely proud of myself for carrying on and getting this far despite my mental health problems. And I'm also really looking forward to getting out there and meeting my future patients!

Another goal for 2016 is to carry on blogging and make it to my second blog birthday in July. I have met some incredible people through Pull Yourself Together - at blog events and just over Twitter - some of whom I would genuinely call friends. I hope that I get to meet even more new friends this year, and catch up with the (slightly) older ones at more events in the future. Of course whilst challenging the stigma around depression, and hopefully helping a couple of people out along the way.

I think the biggest thing for me in 2016 is to continue to be me. The past couple of months I have discovered who I am and who I want to be, and have really started to relax into my silly yet responsible personality, and I am really enjoying it. Previously I have always tried to be who I thought others would want me to be, but then I realised that life is too short. Life is too short not to be a bit silly, or not to embarrass yourself (and your little sisters) a bit. Life is too short not to take every opportunity and run with it - like my skydive, or the opportunities that have presented with my blog, or the fact that I may be able to travel for 10 weeks this summer. Life is too short not to eat as much as possible when you're offered free food (me today at my introductory lecture day - 8 sandwiches and proud). Life is too short not to sing and laugh and dance at every available opportunity. Life is too short to not be you, you incredible thing.

Here's to positivity, spontaneous outings, late nights, good food, even better people, cute animals, happiness and lots and lots of travelling.
Do more of what makes you happy.