Thursday, 28 January 2016


I wanted to talk a bit about what keeps me going - how I have the motivation to write my blog every day, whilst I'm studying medicine full-time.

Recently I have been feeling a little de-motivated with my blog, as I don't feel like I am producing very interesting content. However, yesterday I received an email from a reader telling me how my blog makes her feel better and believe in herself, as well as providing her with reassurance that everything will be okay. This made me realise that it doesn't really matter what I write on my blog, as long as it's real and true. It gave me more motivation to continue posting on Pull Yourself Together. I can write how I've spent most of the day in bed (today's reality), or how I've stuffed my face with Nutella and danced around the house to S Club 7, and I hope that this will provide reassurance to someone that it's okay to be 'normal'. It's okay not to have a crazy social life, doing something different every night. And it's okay to spend the day in bed if that's what you need.

I'm happy that my blog is based around my mental health, and I am ecstatic that it is helping people along the way. During January I haven't had much chance to go out and do exciting things to blog about (except for Spring City - that was fun!), so a lot of my posts have been based around how I am feeling and my random thoughts on mental health.

I guess a lot of my inspiration comes from other blog posts that I read. I also get a lot of inspiration from daydreaming, especially during long train journeys. When an idea for a blog post comes to me, I either write it down in a notebook or put it as a draft text on my phone - which is now full of random drafts with ideas that I may or may not write about in the future. And I get ideas for my fashion posts from lots of places: street style, blogs, Pinterest, magazines... When I've done something interesting during the day, that is usually the thing I'll write about in my blog post that evening, which makes it easy. However when I've not really done much in the day, I'll usually end up writing a rambly post like this, or use one of my ideas saved as a draft in my phone.

There are so many things that you can write about on a blog, especially when you count yourself as a 'lifestyle' blogger, as you can literally write about anything. I hope my posts continue to be interesting enough to read - but most importantly, I hope they continue to help others suffering with their mental health.
Do more than just exist.

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  1. I say it a lot, but I love your blog and the way you write about whatever you feel like! I also thought of you yesterday when I was having a low and anxious day and decided to take the afternoon off. Remembering your 'mental health sick day' post really helped me feel I was justified in doing this - so thank you!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog