Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My 5 fashion staples

You know those items of clothes that go with everything so you just wear them over and over again until they fall apart? I thought I'd do a little post on them - my wardrobe staples.

1) Black denim jeans

I have worn these jeans so much. Literally probably over 100 times. They're the item I go to to throw on with a top when I can't really be bothered to think about my outfit - they go with everything and can be dressed up or down. Topshop's Leigh jeans are one of my favourite sorts of jeans out there - I love ankle grazing styles. I also favour black over blue jeans, so these are perfect for me. Asos' Ridley jeans are also another favourite of mine; very similar to Topshop's Leighs.

2) Striped top

I bought this striped sweater in Primark for like £3 years ago, and have worn it such a lot (it has a hole in the armpit because of this...). It's a size 16 so is the right amount of bagginess for me, and looks great layered. I am such a fan of striped tops - I probably have about 10 in different shapes and sizes, including T-shirts and crop tops. I love how they can be worn with other patterns or on their own as a standout piece - my wardrobe is full of them!

3) Denim jacket

This is probably my most-worn jacket in my wardrobe - I throw it on over everything, especially when the weather is a little warmer. It is oversized so can be worn with a warmer hoodie jacket underneath if need be, and I think it adds a 90's feel to my outfits. You can find vintage denim jackets from eBay and Asos Marketplace - mine was from a vintage shop in Liverpool.

4) Printed T-shirt
Urban Outfitters/Vintage

This is such a 'me' item of clothing - I own so many printed T-shirts and wear them with jeans or skirts. I think they're so easy to throw on and look cool. I especially own lots of different printed black and white T-shirts, that can be paired with pretty much anything, including other printed items of clothing. I love looking in vintage shops for printed T-shirts - especially old sports labels.

5) Quirky jewellery

I have always loved buying pieces of jewellery that add a bit of interest to an outfit, especially necklaces and rings. I really enjoy seeing an outfit from far away, then getting a bit closer and seeing the little things that make it, and I think jewellery really adds to this. I also love buying interesting shoes and bags, such as my recent metallic shoes with ears from Asos (below).

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  1. all lovely Hannah,i especially like the denim jacket over the dress look,this whole look is perfect and you look fab x

  2. Omg those ASOS shoes are so fab!! Loved all the outfits too :)