Sunday, 17 January 2016

Spring City Liverpool

My housemates and I have been stuck in our house all weekend, revising/studying/sleeping/watching Netflix (mainly the latter two), so we decided to go to Spring City this afternoon to burn off some energy.

Spring City is Liverpool's first trampoline park based on the Brunswick Docks. It is basically a big warehouse filled with almost 100 trampolines, a dodge ball court and basketball net - next to a cafe with a viewing platform for the more mature customers (not us, clearly).

The room has music playing and you basically just get to bounce all over the place. We had a go at doing the old pike/straddle/tuck moves, before moving onto swivel hips (thank you, year 9 PE). Then we moved onto the dodge ball courts, where I failed purely because I can't throw very well. We also had a go trying to do flips onto the jump bag - basically a huge landing pad that is really hard to get yourself back off of as it's so squishy.

Before you go in, you have to buy Spring City's regulation socks for £1.25 - in a fetching black and lime green colour. They have grippy bits on the bottom; I guess so you're less likely to fall over on the trampolines. The session only cost us £8.75 each for an hour (which was more than enough, I was exhausted after 2 minutes), which I think is a really good price.

I had such a great time and must have burnt so many calories - I forgot that bouncing up and down is so tiring. Although I devoured a huge curry when I got home so probably put those calories all back on again... I hope you have all had a lovely Sunday!
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  1. We have Airhop in Bristol which is pretty much the same thing. I absolutely loved it! It's such a fun way to get in a great workout and have loads of fun with friends. I also think the sessions are great value - I definitely couldn't bounce fo any longer than one session!
    Jennifer x
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