Friday, 1 January 2016

The first day of 2016

The photos above are from last night, for New Year's Eve. The majority of my family came round for some food and games, as well as sprinkling glitter all over us (hence the shiny cheeks) - because if you can't wear glitter for New Year then when can you?! We also went for a bit of a boogie at our local village hall for a friend's party.

These photos are from today - and today was a great start to 2016. My family and I hired out the village hall for the day, and started off with a meal of curry and chilli, with trifle or pavlova for dessert. We then played some good old-fashioned games, such as musical chairs and schoolmaster, as well as challenging each other at games on the Wii.

I love spending time with my extended family, and New Year is always a good excuse to all get together and celebrate. I hope you have all had an amazing day too!
Start the year as you mean to go on.


  1. Looks like you've had a great start to the new year! Great post, VR x

  2. Happy New Year Hannah!

    What a fabulous start to the year this looks! Cant wait to carry on reading your blog into the new year and hopefully we can see each other again this year!