Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Things that British people always say

There are certain things that us Brits are very awkward at - like anything that involves physical touching. And there are other things that we are very good at - like talking about the weather. Here is a list of things that all British people will have said at some point in their life (probably).

1) When you bump into an inanimate object... "Sorry".

2) During a massage... "Am I tense?"

3) When jumping in the pool... "I'm going in..." is announced to everyone.

4) 5 minutes later, when actually in the pool... "It's fine once you're in!"

5) When faced with a decision... "I don't mind".

6) After getting an awful haircut and wanting to cry... "It looks great, thank you!"

7) If it's actually not raining outside... "Wow, it's such a nice day outside!"

8) When someone doesn't say thank you... *Under your breath so they definitely can't hear* "You're welcome".

9) When someone is being noisy in public... *Don't say anything but stare at them until they notice, which they probably won't*

10) When it is clearly the other person's fault... "No, no, it's my fault".

11) When you are clearly in the worst state of your life, physically or mentally... "Honestly, I'm fine".

12) When you need to let someone down gently that you won't be there... "I might give it a miss".

13) When someone asks how you are doing... "Not too bad".

14) When you need to point out that someone is definitely wrong... "Each to their own" or "If you say so" or "I'll take your word for it".

15) When paying for something in change... "I think that's right".

16) When being handed a drink/snack that you really, really want... "I really shouldn't".

17) When there's only one piece of garlic bread left... "Does anyone want this?" (aka nobody touch it or I will punch you - it's mine).

18) When you know exactly whose round it is... "Whose round is it?"

We're a funny lot, aren't we?
Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.
                    - J.K. Rowling

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