Monday, 15 February 2016

Weekend round-up

I haven't posted all weekend this week as I've simply been enjoying myself too much in real life!

On Friday I travelled home with my housemate and best friend Neala, and we met my other best friend, Roxy, for a curry and drinks at a town near where I live. We drank a little bit too much wine (cue bad head on Saturday morning), so spent Saturday lazing around, napping with Bruce, and spent a couple of hours in Bridgnorth, another nearby town (which you can read about in my old post here). Then Dad cooked us a three-course meal (with tiramisu for pudding, no less!) and we watched Take Me Out whilst playing board games.

Today we visited my grandparents and had a lovely Sunday lunch cooked by my Grandma. Grandad then raided the board games cupboard, so we played Jenga (such an old but underrated game!) and a very old board game called Masterpiece. I love spending the weekends with family.

Phew - a very quick but concise round-up of my weekend. I hope you have all had a good few days!
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