Monday, 7 March 2016

Home comforts

Sorry for not posting the past couple of days - on Saturday night I went out with some friends, and yesterday was Mother's Day so I spent the day with my family.

I was supposed to catch the train back to Liverpool yesterday but in the evening I got really upset and down for no particular reason. I hadn't been feeling quite right since Saturday night, but yesterday it just hit me. I decided to spend another couple of days at home to recuperate, so I'm here now chilling with my family and dogs, with a heated neck wrap on because I have muscle ache (think I was doing some serious hair whipping on Saturday night).

I feel like I've failed a bit, as I was doing so well and it's frustrating that I still get really down. I have had quite irrational thoughts and a very low mood, and have found myself getting easily upset at points throughout the day.

I'm going to spend another day at home and then try and head back to Liverpool tomorrow evening. I'm hoping that some home comforts will get me back to a good place again, where I can concentrate on the next few weeks before Easter.

Hannah x

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