Tuesday, 19 April 2016

23 things you should remember when you're feeling depressed

1) Depression is an illness; an imbalance of hormones in your brain. It is not a reflection of you.

2) You are not a burden on your friends and family.

3) Depression does not mean you should hurt yourself. Your body deserves more respect than that.

4) You are not alone - a lot of people out there feel the same way that you do.

5) You will come out the other side eventually.

6) You will smile, and laugh, and be happy again. So much happiness if waiting for you.

7) Depression is not your fault, and is not a cry for help.

8) Depression does not mean that you are rubbish at everything, but it does mean that you may struggle to enjoy the things you usually love.

9) Depression does not mean people are lying to you about their feelings, thoughts or ideas.

10) But it does mean that your own thoughts may be lying to you.

11) People spend time with you because they want to, not because they feel obliged to.

12) Sleep is important. Sleep as much as you need to.

13) You may not be able to see a future for yourself right now, but remember that there is one, and that means that there is a potential for everything to get better.

14) Depression doesn't give you an excuse to lash out or push people away.

15) Remember to take time out to do small things that may make you feel better, if only slightly. Reading, taking a long bath, listening to music, watching YouTube - these things don't necessarily have to take much effort.

16) Let the people around you know how you feel. Talking is one of the best therapies.

17) Depression doesn't make you weak - in fact it will make you stronger.

18) You may feel numb, sad, angry, hopeless... Depression is a combination of feelings.

19) Taking anti-depressants doesn't mean you are weak - it shows that you are strong enough to try to overcome your illness.

20) Food is important - you need to eat, but depression also isn't an excuse to eat too much.

21) It's okay to cry.

22) You need to spend time looking after yourself.

23) And at all times, remember that people love you and want you to get better.
Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love.
               - Brene Brown


  1. Loved this post! Completely agree with all of them. Definitely important to not use it as an excuse to damage yourself either.

    Gweni xxx www.gbeauty.co.uk

    1. I was just about to write the same! And also number 14 - it's not an excuse to treat people badly or push them away. It's an explanation, but not an excuse.

      Loved this post.

      Emma x


  2. Hi! Just found your blog and I am so happy to know that there are other medical students with mental health issues! Honestly, made my night.