Monday, 18 April 2016

Four Seasons Restaurant

Four Seasons Restaurant Liverpool
Four Seasons Restaurant Liverpool

Four Seasons Restaurant & Bar, 82 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, L1 4EN

Today is my housemate's birthday, so we went to the Four Seasons restaurant for dinner to celebrate. Four Seasons is situated at the top of Renshaw Street near the bombed out church, and is a Chinese restaurant and take away with an extensive menu of meat, vegetable and fish dishes.

If you arrive before 7.30pm, they have a 'happy hour' menu that is £11.90 for a group of starters and a main. I decided on the starters that included vegetable spring rolls, mushroom dumplings, and fried seaweed. There was loads of food!

For my main I ordered sweet and sour giant king prawns with egg fried rice. It was really tasty and very filling - the egg fried rice on its own was delicious too.

Four Seasons Restaurant Liverpool

We of course had to have birthday cake for pudding, and the staff were nice enough to bring it out whilst singing happy birthday.

I am not usually a massive fan of Chinese food, but I would definitely go back to Four Seasons again. There was a huge choice of dishes that would suit most people, and all of it was delicious, with plenty of food.

The rest of my day has been spent in hospital. I had a really productive day spent in teaching on the ward, and really felt like I achieved something today, which is always great motivation as a medical student when you feel like you make a difference :)

Happy birthday Sarah!
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