Saturday, 9 April 2016

Friction Free Shaving bloggers event

Bar Opus Birmingham

Bar Opus, One Snow Hill, Birmingham, B4 6GH

I wrote about Friction Free Shaving back in December, when I received one of their razors (post here). Friction Free are a subscription box for razors that are delivered to your door each month, and with prices starting at £3 they aim to send you affordable, yet good quality, razors.

In my post in December I said that I thought they were the best razors I'd ever used - and I'd still agree. I find shaving my legs so tedious, but the Friction Free blades are sharp enough for it to be faster, but soft enough not to cut my skin (which always happens - I usually have to lie on my bed with my legs in the air for about half an hour after shaving them to stop the blood flow...).

So when I was invited by Friction Free Shaving to join other bloggers at Bar Opus in Birmingham for a cocktail masterclass, I was really pleased.

Bar Opus is next to Snowhill Station in Birmingham, and is a bright, modern bar and restaurant. When we arrived we were greeted by the Friction Free Shaving team and given a glass of wine. We met a few of the other bloggers, before gathering around the tables to learn how to make some cocktails.

I think the first cocktail we made was my favourite - it was very lemony as it contained gin, limoncello, lemon juice and lemonade, and I think it tasted like an ice lolly - perfect for the summer. I was next to Stephanie from Stephie Beau, and we both made a bit of a mess on the table when pouring the drinks... I don't think we'll make great barmaids any time soon!

Each cocktail was named after one of the three different razors that Friction Free sell - this particular one was the 'Samantha', FFS's best-selling product and the one that I own. It is made of metal and therefore heavy, which makes it easy to control, and is a beautiful gold colour with 5 blades.

We played a few games while we were drinking our cocktails, such as pass the parcel and ring of fire, which was great as we got to know each other a little better.

Our second cocktail was made up of honey and vanilla syrup, brandy, milk and honeycomb - it sounds really strange but it was just like drinking the milk after a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. This one was named after the 'Faye' razor - the smallest and cheapest of the three, at only £3 per month for 4 new blades.

The final cocktail was pink, which fitted with the 'Frankie' razor that it was named after. This drink contained rose syrup, blackcurrant gin, and sparkling wine - it had a really lovely berry taste.

I had a really fun time at the event, and it was also great to catch up with Kirsty from Kirsty Leanne and Chloe from Mojichlo. We also received a goody bag with a personalised Samantha razor (it has my name on it!), some popcorn, a t-shirt, and a whisk.

If you want to learn more about Friction Free Shaving, you can read my post from December, or visit their website at

Thank you for having me, FFS and Bar Opus!
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  1. I am so gutted that I couldnt make the event!! I was ona night shift the night before and I am pretty sure you wouldnt have appreciated my resting bitch face haha

    I need to try out FFS and I intend to as soon as my razors run out! (Jealous of your personalised one though)