Saturday, 16 April 2016

Lectures on a Saturday?!

Yes, you read the title right... I had lectures all day today from 9am until 5pm. This weekend is one of our 3 revision weekends before our exams, and although it should be illegal to get up on a Saturday before 11am, I was glad I went along as the teaching was really good.

Plus we got free pizza at lunchtime, which is always a bonus. Pizza Hut delivered 100 pizzas to our lecture theatre - just look at all of those boxes!

I also got a Starbucks hot chocolate, possibly because I wanted to get one of their pretty cups... And I will unashamedly admit that I asked for one of the flowery cups instead of a plain one (the lady behind the counter gave me a very strange look).

I have some more lectures tomorrow until 5pm, so it won't really feel like I've had much of a weekend, but I have been relaxing tonight and watching Britain's Got Talent. Plus I had my first ice lolly of the year this evening!

I hope you have all had a lovely Saturday!
Don't miss out on something that could be great just because it could also be difficult.

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