Monday, 11 April 2016

Mondays are hard

I always find Mondays difficult. I don't know whether it's the post-weekend blues or the looming long 5 days ahead, but when Monday morning rolls around I always find it very hard to get out of bed, and this is especially hard when I'm suffering with my depression.

Today wasn't actually too bad for me, because I decided that I was going to have a positive day, but here are a few tips about how to make your Mondays a little bit more bearable:

1) Take each day as it comes
Don't view Monday as the gateway to the rest of your working/studying week - view it as another step closer to a day off; another normal day that you can get through. The days also go so quickly once you are up and about, so try and remember that in the mornings.

2) Treat yourself
I always find Mondays much easier when I have something to look forward to. I always tend to get a £1 lunch meal deal from WHSmith on a Monday with O2 Priority as it perks me up come midday. And I don't get healthy snacks either - a good sandwich and crisps are needed halfway through the first day of the week. This also means that I don't need to prepare my lunch the night before or on Monday morning, which is a bonus! Any little treat will do - meeting up with friends later on, watching your favourite TV programme, doing a bit of online retail therapy...

3) Go to bed early on Sunday
Monday mornings are much harder to deal with when you haven't had a decent amount of sleep. I try and get at least 8 hours on a Sunday night - but up to 10 if I can, as I notice that I have a much better Monday if I'm not tired.

4) Don't push yourself
Give yourself a bit of slack on a Monday - use it as the day to work up to working hard the rest of the week. I did a bit of studying in hospital today, but let myself relax when I got home and just did a couple of admin tasks that didn't seem too taxing as I could carry them out whilst watching Netflix. Don't burn out for the rest of the week.

5) Make a list of the things you are excited about
Rather than having a list of all the things you need to do during the coming week, make a list of all the things you are excited about - no matter how big or small they are. Make yourself look forward to the week ahead instead of dreading it.

6) Listen to some energising music
My Monday mornings are much better when I'm listening to my favourite songs whilst getting ready - something by Justin Bieber will do it... And if all else fails, play Walking On Sunshine.

I hope this list makes some of your Mondays a little easier to deal with - I know they help me!
Wander often, wonder always.

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  1. I like this! I used to find mondays hard, and since I quit my job and only work on the staff bank I dont work mondays. Its a psychological thing, but I start my working week on a tuesday now and I enjoy my mondays going to aquafit and get my meal deal and have a sauna sesh!