Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Shopping, Almost Famous and The Jungle Book

I have had such a lovely afternoon and evening! The girls from my hospital group and I decided to have an evening out tonight to have a break from studying and revision. Myself and Meadhbh met early and hit the shops - we couldn't resist the 20% off Topshop...

Almost Famous Liverpool

Almost Famous, 11-13 Parr Street, Liverpool, L1 4JN

When we were all shopped out and getting peckish, we decided to go for tea at Almost Famous, an American-style burger restaurant in the centre of Liverpool. It is a really edgy eating place with graffiti on the walls, and the menu is really unique, offering burgers with almost everything you can think of on them - even strawberry pop tarts. Oh, or fries with popping candy. Y'know, normal...

I went for a Brittany Murphy burger, which had two vegetarian mac and cheese patties, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and sauce - and I have to say I think it is the best veggie burger I have ever had - it even beats NoLIta Cantina, which is a huge statement to make! It was really moist and tasty - I think the mixture of sauces made it even better.

Almost Famous Liverpool bacon bacon fries

Meadhbh had the River Phoenix beef burger, which contained cheese, bacon, onions, Frazzles (yes, the bacon crisps!), chillies and sauce.

We also shared a basket of the Bacon Bacon fries, which were a mixture of normal potato and sweet potato chips, with bacon mayo and bacon bits on - they were absolutely delicious. Bacon mayo is amazing!

I definitely want to go back to Almost Famous again and sample some more of the menu - especially the different types of chips you can buy.

Almost Famous Liverpool cocktails

Once the other two girls joined us, we had a cocktail each. I had the Bitch Juice, which was sweet and sour at the same time, and Meadhbh had the Haribo Smash.

Afterwards we all went to the Picturehouse at FACT to watch the new Jungle Book movie. And oh my gosh, it was AMAZING! It's the best film I've seen in a long time - the graphics were incredible and I loved that some of the original music was reworked to be included in it. The animals in it were so cute as well; I literally came out feeling so good about life. I would definitely 100% recommend a watch!

PS Finding Dory also looks incredible - I can't wait for that to come out over the summer...
What's comin' will come and we'll meet it when it does.
                 - Hagrid

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