Friday, 6 May 2016

#NWmeet 2.0 goody bag

You know what, I'm nosy and I always like having a look at what people have got free at blogger events (we are one lucky bunch!), so I thought I would do a post on what I got at last Saturday's #NWmeet.

Hint: the goody bags were incredible!

Egg protein hair products don't really sound that enticing to me, but I am looking forward to trying them and see what they do for my mane. I think they're directed more towards coarse, frizzy hair - but I'll have a try!

My dad was the first to use this Professor Scrubbington's hair and body wash, but the worst thing was trying to open it - we didn't realise you have to kind of pull the cap down and squeeze it. It smells really nice and foams when it is mixed with water, but I think I will just be using this as a body wash; I'm always a bit wary about using a product on my body and hair.

I have received dermaV10 products at blogger events in the past - they can be bought from places such as Poundland and Home Bargains for around £1 each. I'm looking forward to trying both of these body butters - the coconut and lime one smells particularly lovely. I love... is always a great brand (I often use their shower gel) and this sugar scrub doesn't disappoint - it smells amazing. It reminds me of a lemon sherbet sweet as it's quite sticky and smells exactly the same.

dermaV10 Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

Even more dermaV10 products! I have used the multi radiance cream in the past and quite liked it, although it was a little too thick for my oily skin. I am really looking forward to trying the micellar water - I already use Garnier's micellar water to take off my make-up, but this is much cheaper!

I think this keyring is my favourite thing that we received - it's so cute! I also love this custard cream version. Sassy Stash is a sort of garter that you can put around the top of your leg, and you can store things in it such as your mobile phone. This will come in really handy during a night out, especially if I don't want to take a bag with me.

This MOA Aphrodite facial oil smells incredible - really floral. It also left my skin feeling really soft after using it. The Weleda Skin Food also smells great, and can be used anywhere on the body that needs some deep moisturisation - I am planning on using it on my dry hands. I have used the Bee Good cleanser in the past, and it is really lovely to take off your make-up after a long day, especially using the muslin cloth included with it.

Nail varnishes can only be a good thing, right?! I was really impressed that some of them were L'Oreal too!

I'm excited to try these Makeup Geek eyeshadows - apparently they are supposed to be MAC dupes. Nanshy also has some amazing brushes - there was a full set of them in the #NWmeet 2.0 raffle that I had my eye on!

How gorgeous are these Elegant Touch nails? I'm going to feel like a mermaid when I wear them!

Both of these The Balm Boutique products smell gorgeous - I'm looking forward to using the foot balm on the hard skin on my heels. I was overjoyed to find a LiLash demi serum in my goody bag; I used one of these last year and my eyelashes grew so long. I was really skeptical about LiLash before I started using it, but it really does work. I'm going to take before and after photos of my eyelashes after using this, so expect a post in a couple of months showing off the results!

I also received another few products that I gave to my mum and sister, such as a Wet Detangle brush and some Blistex lip balms.

How spoilt were we?! I am very lucky to have the chance to go along to blogger events, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the brands that sent Katy something to put in our goody bags. They have all been so generous!
You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.

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