Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Today I boarded a tiny plane from a tiny shack in Taveuni (it was literally a shack), and flew to Suva on the main island. Seeing the Fijian islands from above was beautiful - I could see all of the coral reefs and the turquoise water.

From Suva I boarded a bus that went towards Nadi and got off in Namatakula, at a hostel called The Beachouse. It's actually stunning here; definitely the best place I have been so far.

The atmosphere is so relaxed and the staff are really friendly - plus there are loads of other travellers my age, so it has been nice to get to know them.

I arrived this afternoon and since then have been chilling with a book and taking photos. These photos from my tablet don't really do it justice, so I can't wait to show you the photos off my camera when I get home! The sunset was gorgeous and the sea is crystal clear.

I'm currently sat down waiting for my dinner of tuna and mashed potato (dinner and breakfast is included in the price here), and will probably do some snorkelling and swimming tomorrow!

Hannah x

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