Monday, 25 July 2016


Today we have explored Noosa, and as you can see it's beautiful. We went for a walk through the national park and saw 2 huge lizards, and then chilled out on the beach.

Noosa is like a more upmarket Byron Bay, so is beautiful and laid-back but a little more chic. I would definitely recommend a visit here!

We're off to Fraser Island tomorrow so I'm hoping there will be WiFi to do my blog, but we'll find out!

Hannah x

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  1. I was in Noosa for my birthday in 2015 and it was most definitely unbelievably BEAUTIFUL! The coastal walk, as you did, was the highlight of my time there - it's definitely a trek, but it's worth it just to see those unpopulated beaches and views! In my opinion, it was pretty boring other than the scenery, but it's definitely something that everyone travelling Australia has to check out :)