Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Rocks market and Sydney free walking tour

Today we decided that we would do a general day of exploring Sydney and sightseeing, so this morning we decided to go to The Rocks market. The Rocks is the oldest area of Sydney where the first settlers lived, and therefore has the most history to it. The market is open over the weekend and has a mixture of stalls selling homemade jewellery, clothes, homeware and food. It wasn't a typical tacky market - there were lots of things that I would have liked to buy, although I just settled on a necklace as I'm on a budget. You could get some great gifts from the market though.

We got some lunch from a market stall and then wandered up to Westfield, Sydney's main shopping centre.

In the afternoon we decided to go on a walking tour. This walking tour was free, although you are encouraged to give some money to the guide afterwards. It is much cheaper than a bus tour and you get to see far more sights, whilst getting a good feel for the city.

The free Sydney walking tours depart from outside the town hall at 10.30am and 2.30pm every day, and last around 2.5-3 hours overall.

Our guide, Lisa (who was amazing), led us all around Sydney and told us lots of information about each place, including the history of Australia, which was really interesting. Our stops included Angel Avenue (below), the Harbour Bridge, Sydney Hospital, Westfield, and of course the Opera House. Lisa even showed us where to get the best views of the Opera House from.

I would 100% recommend the free walking tour as I learnt such a lot and saw a lot more of Sydney than I could have covered by myself. We also discovered hidden secrets such as the underground shops and the best place to get great 360 degree views of Sydney.

Afterwards we went to Darling Harbour as there are free fireworks on there every Saturday evening. They aren't the best fireworks I've ever seen and didn't go on for that long, but they were worth a watch.

I feel exhausted now and my feet are in a lot of pain so I'm glad to be in bed. I am really loving my Australian adventure so far though!

Hannah x