Friday, 12 August 2016

Dolphins, snorkelling, hot springs, and a Balinese family

I have had a lovely day today in Lovina. Firstly I took a boat out into the ocean with a man called Smiley, where we watched around 10 dolphins jumping in and out of the water. The Balinese boats here have bamboo poles that stretch out over the water to keep the boat steady, so I was able to sit on one of those and get up really close to the dolphins.

Afterwards Smiley took me to a reef where I could snorkel. There were loads of amazing fish - some similar to those in Fiji and Australia - including some stripy ones that were really confident and came up to me in a group. One even was so curious that it bit my finger!

Once I was back on dry land, my guide took me to Lovina's natural hot springs. The water was so warm that it was like being in a bath, so it was nice to chill out for an hour or so.

My guide then took me to a lovely Balinese family's house. The family was made up of a husband and wife and two children, and they were all so welcoming. They cooked me a huge amount of delicious food, including noodles, rice, stay and cassava, and then taught me how to weave a basket. I think this was my favourite part of the day, as the family were so nice and it was really good to learn about some of the local Balinese customs and jobs.

Hannah x

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