Thursday, 11 August 2016

Elephants and the most amazing villa

Today I had one of the best days of this entire trip, as I visited the Elephant Safari Park just outside of Ubud.

Elephants are one of my favourite animals and I think they are such beautiful creatures, so I was extremely excited for this morning. However I was also a little apprehensive, as I was worried that the elephants could have been treated badly in the park.

I needn't have worried - as soon as I stepped into the park it was obvious that the elephants were well looked after, and were happy and healthy. Each elephant was assigned it's own keeper to look after it, and some had been with their elephant for as long as 11 years. The elephants were rescued from poachers in Sumatra, so now live a much safer life in Bali, and are trained using food as rewards. Plus the park grounds were really looked after which was good to see.

As soon as we arrived we got to wash the elephants using a hose and a scrubbing brush, which they really seemed to enjoy! It was incredible being so close to such a majestic creature; I felt very lucky. Afterwards we went in the water with them which was so much fun - a hot shower was very much needed afterwards though. We then got to eat a buffet breakfast whilst watching the elephants - and I have to say it was the best breakfast I'd had in a long time (fruit, cereal, toast, pastries, cooked breakfast, juice).

Later on we had a short ride around the park on the elephants and with their trainers, and then unfortunately it was time to leave. I had such a good morning and I would 100% recommend it to anyone - I was so glad to see the elephants being well looked after, and felt very lucky to have a chance to get up close to them.

Later on I got into a taxi to head north up to Lovina, and I am staying in the most AMAZING villa ever. I mean, just look at it...

There are only 3 of us staying here at the moment so we have the entire grounds to ourselves.

It doesn't quite feel real at the moment!

Hannah x

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