Sunday, 25 September 2016

Silly me

Over the weekend I have been home, and my housemate Kelly joined me. We have had such a lovely time - I always love going home, and especially love showing my friends around Shropshire.

On Saturday we went to the Beckbury Show, a village show in Shropshire where there are stalls, dog shows, horse shows, animals and games. My blog tonight was going to be about it, along with photos I took on my camera, but I forgot to bring my laptop back up to Liverpool with me didn't I. I went to watch a film this afternoon and then realised what I'd done. Silly me! So I'm going to have to do without my laptop for a week and write my blog from my tablet.

I also forgot my Kindle which I was slightly more worried about, as I often find myself reading when I have spare time, and always read a couple of chapters before I go to sleep. However I realised I could download the Kindle app onto my tablet, so I can continue to read The Girl on the Train - hurrah for technology!

Last night we also met my other best friend, Roxy, for a few drinks and a catch up. And then this morning I drove us back up to Liverpool for another week of hospital.

Have a lovely Monday - you got this!

Hannah x

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