Sunday, 13 November 2016

10 reasons Sundays aren't all that bad

Sundays are always given a bad rep, probably because they are the end of the week and signify that Monday is tomorrow. However I quite like Sundays - here is why...

1) The definition of 'getting dressed' on a Sunday is changing my underwear and putting my pyjamas back on.

2) You can't beat a snuggly Sunday lie-in, especially when the weather is cold.

3) The fact that it's Monday tomorrow - I see this as a positive thing. It's a fresh start, a new week - a chance to have a positive week. Plus you can always think of it as being one step closer to Friday.

4) Sunday dinner. Enough said.

5) I love spending Sunday evenings at home, as my parents and I will often have cheese and biscuits for tea and sit around watching TV, relaxing before the week ahead. I think Sunday evenings can be made less awful by having a bit of a routine where you get everything over and done with that needs doing for Monday morning earlier in the day, and then relax in the evening. I'm currently sat eating cheese on toast and watching I'm A Celeb, with my dogs snuggled up on the sofa with me.

6) It's still a weekend day. Which means that most people have the day off - so you still have the chance to spend it doing whatever you want, not worrying about work.

7) I always struggle to sleep on Sunday nights, so I like to spend time winding down and doing things that I enjoy. I always make time to read with candles lit, and have a hot chocolate to chill out for a bit.

8) Walking my dogs - Sunday always seems like the perfect countryside dog walking day. And it's so pretty at this time of year with the different coloured leaves.

9) Sunday evening TV. There is often loads of great shows that are on on Sunday evenings, such as Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor and Planet Earth.

10) You have an excuse not to leave the house. On Saturdays it always feels like there is an obligation to go out and do something, but on Sundays you have an excuse to just stay in and chill. Sometimes Sundays are my favourite day, because I know that I can just do nothing and not be judged for it.
A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.

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  1. I love Sundays so much, they are perfect especially when you just have hours and hours of free time to fill as you please. Have a bath, read a book, watch Suits, Sunday fry ups, watch a movie with salty sweet popcorn. The only problem is that each hour brings you closer to Monday which I think is most people's problems with Sunday because generally it's pretty epic xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin