Thursday, 24 November 2016

Breakout Liverpool and Revolution

I have had such a good evening! It was my housemate's birthday over the weekend so this evening we decided to go to Breakout Liverpool to celebrate. If you've never heard of Breakout before, basically the gist is that you are locked in a room and you have to solve clues to try and break out in under 60 minutes. We were in the 'Sabotage' room, which is supposed to be one of the hardest - but we broke out in 51 minutes, with 9 minutes to spare!

Basically we had to go around the room looking for numbers that were codes for padlocks, which then opened cupboards and boxes that had more codes or clues in them to open other things. This continued until we eventually found the key to get us out of the room. It's really fun and I would definitely recommend it if you have a group of friends that could join in with you - it really helped our teamwork skills!

Revolution, 2 Temple St, Liverpool, L2 6PY

Afterwards we decided to go to a nearby Revolution bar for dinner. I have never really been to Revolution for food before, but I was actually really impressed.

The Cavern Quarter Revolution is one of the nicest ones in Liverpool, and is more of an eating place than a bar in the week. The menu is quite extensive, consisting of general pub grub such as burgers, pizzas and fish and chips. So of course we had to share a bowl of nachos to start.

I was driving, so I had a Naked Sunset mocktail to drink, which had a mixture of mango and passionfruit purees, lime, pineapple and orange juice, and lemonade.

For my main I had the Bean Dreamin' burger, which had a sweet potato and bean burger, houmous, salsa and beetroot. And I added some feta to it. It wasn't the best burger I've ever eaten, but it was tasty and I did enjoy it.

I had some mac and cheese as a side, which was delicious - very cheesy and just the right amount.

And you can't go out for a meal without having a pudding really, can you? Especially if it's someone's birthday... So I went for the Nutella Fluffwich (bear with me).

The Nutella Fluffwich was essentially a sweet bread sandwich with Nutella and marshmallow fluff inside, with a blueberry sauce on the side. It was really good, but I can imagine it would get a little sickly after a while - not one for those that don't have a sweet tooth!

Revolution bars are a great place to eat if you want a fairly cheap but hearty meal. The food is standard pub food and there is an extensive cocktail menu that was very tempting. A lot of the cocktails are also 2 for 1 if you have a Revolution membership card (which you can get in any of the bars for a couple of pounds).
She was one of the rare ones, so effortlessly herself, and the world loved her for it.
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