Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Mowgli Street Food, 69 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4EZ

My mum came up to visit me in Liverpool today for a day of shopping, so after a long hour or so in Primark we decided to go to Mowgli for lunch. Mowgli is an independent restaurant on Bold Street that serves tapas-style Indian street food.

Mowgli has lots of brick, wood and rope so that the restaurant actually feels like it could be a street somewhere foreign. And the fairy lights and bird cages just add to the atmosphere.

We were told to pick a few dishes each from the menu, so we chose quite a few and decided to share. The food comes out as and when it's ready, so it almost feels like you're having about 4 courses! The menu is split into 'street chat', 'street meats', 'the Hindu kitchen' (vegetarian), 'the house kitchen' (curries), and 'carbs' (rice/breads).

The first thing we picked was the yoghurt chat bombs (above). These were crisp bread puffs filled with chickpeas, yoghurt and spices, and they were gorgeous. You have to put them straight into your mouth and eat them whole as they are very messy (Mum managed to drop hers everywhere!), and the fillings don't sound exciting on their own - but together they are really delicious.

The next thing that came was the Himalayan cheese toast. This was cheese on toast with a twist - it also had coriander, red onion and green chilli dressing and Indian pickle. The dressing was really spicy but worked well with the cheddar cheese.

Then we had the Bombay chip butty. This was basically a wrap filled with small chips, pickle, red onion, coriander and tomato relish. This was probably one of my favourite dishes - the relish was lovely and it was nice to try a posh chip butty!

We then had a couple of curries, rice and coleslaw. The curries we chose were the paneer and the potato curries - they both had so many flavours, but my favourite was definitely the paneer. I'm not always that keen on paneer cheese in curries, but this was amazing - the cheese was cooked just right and the flavours were delicious. The coleslaw (above) was made up of red cabbage and mustard - it was really different and tasted so good with the curries.

To finish off we both had puddings - Mum had the chocolate cake with Indian spices and I had the salted caramel ice-cream.

I loved how different Mowgli was to anywhere I have ever been before. I have never had Indian tapas before, and this was a great first experience. All of the dishes were filled with so much flavour and were so carefully thought out. A lot of them put a twist on old classics, and I loved that. I would definitely recommend it - me and Mum agreed that it was the best food we've had in a while!

The rest of the day was spent shopping and chatting. I had such a lovely time and I would just like to say a massive thank you to my mum for coming up to visit me. Liverpool is a great place to eat and shop!
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