Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Woodbridge Inn, Coalport

The Woodbridge Inn, Coalport, Telford, TF8 7JF

I know, I know, yet another food post on PYT, but I actually think they're one of my favourite posts to write (they are certainly one of my favourite posts to photograph and eat...).

On Saturday evening my family and I went to The Woodbridge Inn to celebrate my sister's 21st birthday. The Woodbridge is situated in Coalport, which is just outside of Ironbridge, right next to the River Severn so it has a lovely view. As soon as we approached the pub we could see that it was decorated all Christmassy, with lots of wreathes and fairy lights on the outside - and the inside was even better, with lights everywhere and two huge Christmas trees. It is a typical old British countryside pub, which was built around 1785, and is the sort of place you go to if you want a more upmarket pub meal.

As it is the end of November, their Christmas menu is now running, which has two courses for £22.95 or three for £27.95. The Christmas menu actually looked better than the normal menu to me, so I decided to choose food from there. To start, I had the battered seabass. It was delicious, although my sister's starter of crispy squid salad looked amazing.

I then had the basil gnocchi with leeks and aubergine. It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but the sauce was amazing and you could tell that everything was homemade. I really enjoyed it.

And to finish, I of course had to go for the chocolate brownie. It was very sweet and was served with rum and raisin ice-cream - definitely only for those with a real sweet tooth.

The Woodbridge has a lovely cosy vibe and is the perfect place to visit if you have a special event to celebrate, or if you want a couple of drinks in a little corner by the fire. I wish I had got some photos of the actual pub because it really is so cosy. They also have loads of choices on the menu, so it shouldn't be hard to find something you like. Even my fussy little sister found her regular choice - fish and chips!
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