Friday, 23 December 2016

Hanbury Hall

Hanbury Hall is a National Trust property in Worcestershire, consisting of a large stately home and gardens.

My family decided that today we would meet our cousins, auntie and grandparents at Hanbury for lunch and a wander around the place.

The weather was bitingly cold so, after a hot chocolate stop, we quickly huddled into the house and the warmth of the open fire in the entrance hall. The house is a typical National Trust property, but it was made to look really magical with all of the Christmas decorations adorning the place. The huge Christmas tree in the entrance hall covered in feathers and fairy lights was particularly enchanting.

Some of the rooms were closed, but the ones we did look round were beautiful. I love how National Trust always make their homes look lived in by scattering a magazine here or there, or setting the table as though 10 noblemen and ladies are about to sit down for a spot of lunch.

My family found a pile of wigs that made them look like an 80's rock band... Grandad was particularly pleased with his.

You can't visit a National Trust property without sampling some of their food, so we found a table that could fit the 11 of us and ordered some lunch. I had the servant's platter, which was basically a ploughman's lunch - it was delicious.

I always enjoy meeting up with my cousins as they don't live very close so we don't get to see them all that often, and today was no exception.

Tonight I'm going out for a drink with my sisters and friends, before my favourite day of the year tomorrow!!! Happy Christmas eve-eve!
A little progress each day adds up to big results.

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