Thursday, 5 January 2017

My own hygge moments

The little book of hygge meik wiking

For Christmas I received a book that it seems like every other blogger on the internet is banging on about: The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking. But, after reading it all the way through in one evening, I can see why it's so popular.

If you're not familiar to the hygge (pronounced hue-gah) concept, it is basically a Danish word meaning to create a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the small things in life, surrounded by the people you love. It is one of the reasons that Denmark has been shown to be one of the happiest countries in the world. It's about feeling safe, cosy and 'the art of creating intimacy'. Basically, it's that feeling you get when you're eating comfort food, surrounded by your favourite people.

The Little Book of Hygge made me feel really happy whilst I was reading it, and really made me appreciate the small things in life - I think it has made me notice hygge moments ever since, and allowed me to immerse myself into them so much more.

So after reading a book all about hygge, I thought I would create a list of my own hygge moments, seeing as it is personal to each individual.

My own hygge moments

1) Burning candles
One of the core concepts of hygge is having soft, relaxed lighting - hence why candles are so popular in Denmark. I have a lot of different candles, and have recently been burning them in the day as well as the evenings. They give such a soothing light, and I especially love burning scented candles. They make a room feel so much more cosy and snug, especially around this time of year.

2) Reading nooks
One of my favourite things to do when I have a spare minute is to read. And I can think of nowhere better to read than a little reading nook. When I get my own place I want to design a reading nook for myself in a corner of a room, however at the moment I have to make do with a makeshift one. I'm very lucky that my bed is right next to a huge window at the moment, so I pull all of my cushions and blankets around me and sort of make a cosy little nest to read in with lots of natural lighting in the day.

3) Pyjamas
To be honest, when I'm at home I am mostly in my pyjamas, and they make me feel more snug and cosy than anything else. You can't beat some fleecy pyjama bottoms or thick woollen socks - I feel most hygge when pyjamas are involved.

4) Blankets and cushions
I'm a huge blanket girl - if you ever come into my bedroom or lounge you'll most likely find me snuggled underneath my faux fur one. I think soft textiles really add to the cosy feeling of a room and they make any situation more hygge.

5) Hot chocolate
Another big Danish concept of hygge is hot drinks. I don't like coffee or tea, but hot chocolate is the epitomy of hygge for me. Sitting in my reading nook nest, with my pyjamas on, with the rain outside and a hot chocolate in my hand = the perfect hygge moment.

6) Dinner parties
A few of my friends, some good old comfort food (aka cheese and more cheese), plus some candles flickering in the middle of the table is one of the best hygge moments imaginable. Happiness has been found to be linked to social interaction, and this would definitely be my social interaction of choice.

7) Being inside when it's raining or windy outside
When I was younger, one of my very favourite things to do would be to stick my head out of my bedroom window when it was really blustery outside. I used to love the feeling of being cosy, yet still open to the elements if I wanted to be. I honestly think you can't beat a winter's evening where it's raining and windy outside, and you're sat inside by a fire reading a book or playing board games with your family. Especially if you can hear the wind howling down the chimney - oh, I feel so hygge just thinking about it.

8) Christmas
To be honest, Christmas is just the most hygge situation ever. Candles, comfort food, friends and family, rainy evenings, hot chocolate and new pyjamas just add up to make December the most cosy and soothing time of year.
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                       - Maxwell Maltz

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