Tuesday, 17 January 2017

So much time, so little to do...

5th year at Liverpool Medical School is quite an odd year. We did our final exams at the end of 4th year, so this academic year mainly consists of placement and portfolio work.

Meaning that we don't actually have that much work to do outside of placement. Which is amazing, as I can just get home and chill out and not feel guilty about not pulling a medical book out every evening. During the last 4 years of Medicine I would always feel bad if I wasn't working as often as possible, and there was always something to study, so the transition to 5th year has been nice, but also a bit strange for me.

In 5th year we do four blocks of 8 week placements, and after each 8 weeks we have a week off - or a 'reflection week'. This week is one of those weeks, and I only have one day in university, so I have come home to spend some time with my family.

This sounds lovely in theory, but I really don't know what to do with myself! I think I'm so used to always having some studying to do that I get out of the routine of relaxing. The last couple of days I have been home alone as my family have been at work and school, and I've just been sat around trying to find something to do. I've watched Gossip Girl, finished off two books, painted my nails, browsed all of the online shops that I can think of, and picked up running again. If I have ever been bored in the past, I have just turned to work and buried myself in that. But at the moment I'm not quite sure what to do - even my parents have commented that it's strange that I've not been sat at the table working.

To be honest, I can't really complain. Next year, when I'm working, I will be yearning for my reflection weeks and the simpler times when I could just sit around and do nothing, or literally lie in bed all day. I'm just usually so busy that I've forgotten how to chill out for a few days by myself!

You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.
                       - Martin Luther King

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