Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The best thing about Medicine

Today I had my first day back on placement after the Christmas holidays, and I was in GP again. Out of 7 patients that I saw, 6 came in with coughs and colds. This could have been quite de-motivating, especially as it was my first day back, but actually it made me remember one the best things about Medicine.

One of the best things about Medicine is that you can help people feel better and help to cheer them up. You can throw all of the drugs in the world at someone, but sometimes all they need is reassurance that they are going to be okay, and a few tips on how to make themselves feel slightly better. A cold can make someone feel absolutely awful, but giving someone advice on the course of the illness or hot drinks and steam inhalation can make them feel so much better.

The best consultation of today was when a mother came in with her two children, both of who had quite nasty colds. All she needed was for someone to check them over and listen to their chests, and after a bit of reassurance she was so thankful - it really made my day as I felt like I had made a difference to her and her family, even though I didn't really do anything.

Days like this are perhaps mundane, but they also show me that I'm in the right job because I still enjoy treating patients with everyday complaints. I definitely feel so lucky to be able to brighten someone's day by making them feel slightly better - and at least I'm now a pro at giving advice about coughs and colds!
If it's still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk.

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