Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Baylis & Harding's Valentine's collection

Baylis & Harding Valentine's Collection 2017

I'm always excited when I get to try out new Baylis & Harding products, so when a couple of their Valentine's sets came to my door I couldn't wait to try them out. Baylis & Harding's Valentine's range this year has a pink prosecco and cassis theme, compared to last year's fragrance of pink magnolia and pear blossom. All of the packaging is a beautiful baby pink with rose gold spots and I love it! I'm definitely going to be reusing this heart box after I've taken the products out of it; I think I might store some of my make-up in it.

This heart gift set contained a shower creme, body wash, body lotion, bath crystals, and body butter. The smell of all of them is divine - I think this is actually my favourite scent of Baylis & Harding products that I have tried so far! It actually smells quite citrussy to me. My favourite product from this set is probably the body wash, as it has the rose gold spots on it like the packaging, and it's something that I can use every day in the shower. I also love the bottles containing the shower creme and body lotion too, with their rose gold caps and chunky bottles.

The second thing that I received was the hand wash and lotion set. These have the same scent as everything in the heart gift set, and I chose them because they are always really useful. I currently have the hand wash on my sink in my bathroom, and as well as it looking beautiful, it makes my hands smell lovely each time I wash them. After washing and drying my hands, I've been using the hand lotion, which leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth.

One of the best things about Baylis & Harding is that their sets are so reasonably priced - the heart gift set is worth £12, and the hand wash and lotion is £8. You can also get your hands on their products really easily; they are sold in most large supermarkets and online on Amazon and Argos, as well as department stores like Debenhams and House of Fraser. I always eye up the Baylis & Harding sets in my local Asda!

These are both truly gorgeous sets, and would make a lovely gift for a loved one for Valentine's Day (or, err, yourself...). I mean, a £12 gift set and a good pamper session is definitely cheaper than a meal out for two!
The comeback is always stronger then the setback.

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