Friday, 17 February 2017

Friday Favourite: Daffodils

The past couple of days I have been so excited for Spring! Today has been beautiful outside, and I really enjoyed my drive back home in the sunshine - it definitely does wonders for your mood. It's really made me look forward to Easter, baby animals and spring clothing. I can't wait until I can stop wearing a thick winter coat!

I also came home to a vase of daffodils on the dining table, and it made me so happy. Daffodils were my Nan's favourite flowers, so this time of year always reminds me of her, and they are also one of mine, too - I love how bright they are, and that they pop up all over the place (we have one that always grows just outside our front door every year at uni and it's so lovely). Yellow is one of my favourite colours (it reminds me of happiness and positivity), and sunflowers are actually my favourite ever flower.

This afternoon I have just sat by my open window and read my book with a couple of candles lit, and it was so peaceful. All I could hear was the birds chirping in the trees across the road, and I could feel the gentle breeze coming in through the window.

Roll on Spring!
Never suppress a generous thought.
                - Camilla E Kimball

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