Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Where I Lost Her by T. Greenwood

Where I Lost Her is a story about Tess, who visits some friends in her hometown in Vermont. She is driving at night when she comes across a half-dressed toddler in a tutu and ladybird wellie boots, who is on her own in the middle of the woods. The girl runs away from her, Tess notifies the police, and the town start the search for the missing girl.

However there are no other sightings of the missing girl, and everyone starts to doubt Tess and whether what she saw was real, as details from her past and another young girl start to surface. Tess' marriage to Jake is also going through a particularly hard time, and flashbacks to the past start to reveal why they have grown apart so drastically.

Is the missing girl real? Is Tess mentally unwell and imagining everything? What happened in Tess' past?

The one thing that I really liked about this book was that it was relatable. Apart from the little girl going missing, the book reveals some of the difficult times that Tess has had to face in the past, and how this has affected the relationships around her. I really felt like I got to know Tess as the book went on, and I felt empathetic towards her emotions and inner turmoil. The heartache that she experiences is something that anyone could go through, and I liked that it wasn't completely 'happy ever after'. T. Greenwood also reveals some of the uglier parts of life, such as drugs and alcohol, in a very realistic manner.

I did not quite get into this book as much as All The Missing Girls and Everything You Told Me (they were exceptional books and would take some beating!), but it was a really enjoyable read and I would definitely pick up more of T. Greenwood's books in the future, as I really loved her descriptive style of writing.

Where I Lost Her kept me gripped throughout - I was constantly questioning what was going on, and the end was really unpredictable. It was quite haunting because it involved a little girl, and the actual ending was shocking, but could happen in real life. The novel is a real compelling psychological thriller, and I would definitely pick it up if you get a chance!

Where I Lost Her is out March 2nd.
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