Tuesday, 7 March 2017

6 things that have made me happy today #15

1) A walk in the sunshine
I haven't really done anything today, but I needed to get some shopping. Instead of driving like I normally do, I decided to walk as it was so lovely outside, and I really enjoyed it. It's amazing how good the weather can make you feel!

2) A lie-in
Lie-ins always make me happy, but today's seemed really lovely because I left my window open last night so I woke up to the sounds outside and the sun creeping through the gap in my blinds. Knowing I didn't really have to get up for anything felt amazing, and I had such a lazy morning.

3) Riverdale
I was looking for a new series to start watching, and I found Riverdale on Netflix. It is a Netflix exclusive, and is about four teenagers at a high school in a town called Riverdale, and a murder investigation. A bit like Pretty Little Liars, so right up my street.

4) Brownies
My housemate cooked us a meal last night, and she baked some brownies for pudding. There were loads left over so I was able to have some this evening too.

5) Knowing that I'll find out where I'll be next year in 2 days
As I mentioned earlier this week, we find out our job allocation on Thursday, and I really cannot wait. I feel so ready to move on from being a student now and actually be a proper adult, and I really want to start planning for next year. Roll on Thursday!!

6) Getting work done
Apart from buying shopping and watching Riverdale, I have actually got some work done today, and it feels so satisfactory ticking some things off my list. I had quite a lot to do these past couple of days, so now I feel like I can relax more for the rest of the week ahead.
Go for it. No matter how it ends, it was an experience.

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