Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Sabrosa, 271 Hunts Cross Avenue, Liverpool, L25 9ND

A couple of weeks ago I was emailed by the owner of Sabrosa, a new Spanish tapas restaurant in Woolton, and after checking the menu I decided it looked delicious, so this afternoon me and my friend Kelly chose to go along to sample some of their food.

The first thing that struck us was how welcoming Eduardo, the owner, was. He is originally from Castellon in the Valencia region of Spain, and opened Sabrosa last year after his experiences selling Spanish goods at farmers' markets in Merseyside. He told us all about the ethos of Sabrosa and how everything is handmade from fresh ingredients, including the chorizo and fries, and it was obvious how passionate he is about bringing quality Spanish food to Liverpool. Sabrosa actually means 'tasty' in Spanish, and the restaurant has a small, cosy atmosphere, reflecting the vibe of a Spanish cafe.

Ingredients are imported from abroad to maintain the authentic taste of the dishes - smoked paprika comes from La Vera and extra virgin olive oil from Jaen.

The menu has lots of options, but Eduardo said that the "Kombo" special is one of the most popular - three of the tapas dishes plus a side salad and garlic bread for £6.95. There is also paella, montaditos, which are like small sandwiches, and larger sandwiches called bocadillos.

We decided to go for the Kombo special, as £6.95 for three tapas dishes seemed really reasonable (plus we were being greedy and wanted to try as much as possible).

I went for patatas bravas, chorizo meatballs and garlic prawns, and I swapped my side salad for chips. We actually ended up sharing all of the tapas, but all of it on my plate was delicious. You could tell that it was all homemade and that fresh ingredients were used - my favourite was probably the patatas bravas (fried potato in a tomato sauce). The garlic bread and chips were also lovely, and the homemade meatballs were divine.

Kelly chose the calamari with alioli (fried squid rings), pinchos murunos de pollo (paprika chicken skewers) and the croquetas. Hers was also all amazing, but I particularly enjoyed the croquetas, which were also homemade. Alioli is also one of my favourite sauces, so we ended up having two lots of it...

For pudding, Eduardo recommended the fresh orange with cinammon sprinkled over the top and a scoop of ice-cream. It was so delicious - such a simple idea but it tasted incredible! I think the cinammon made the orange sweeter and got rid of its sour citrussy taste, and a smidgen of ice-cream with each mouthful went down a treat.

I would love to go back and try their paella and some of their sandwiches at some point, as all of the food sounded so good.

If you want some authentic Spanish food at a low price with a warm welcome and a cosy atmosphere, then Sabrosa is definitely for you. The sun was shining into the front of the restaurant while we were there - we could almost kid ourselves that we were in Spain (if only). Sabrosa also holds regular Sunday lunch specials with different dishes each time, and the next one is on 19th March to celebrate an event that is held each year in Eduardo's home of Valencia. You can find more information about this on their Facebook event.

Sabrosa is currently open from 9am-6pm weekdays and Saturday, but Eduardo is hoping to extend the hours to 10pm at the end of the month. They also do takeaway - email

If you are intrigued, you can follow Sabrosa on Instagram @sabrosaliverpool, Twitter @Sabrosa_liv and Facebook.
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