Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Spoilt by Baylis & Harding

As a blogger, I don't really get that much stuff sent to me - mainly because that's not what I'm blogging for. So when I do get something it's always such a lovely surprise, and it feels like a bit of a reward for all of the posts that I write.

I have received products from Baylis & Harding quite a few times before, and they are always so generous. This time they emailed asking whether I would like to try any of their new stuff, and I liked the look of a set of 3 candles so I asked if I could receive them. So when a huge box turned up at my door with Baylis & Harding writing on the sides, I was shocked! When I got into it, I was amazed to find so much stuff in it, and I love it all. I think Baylis & Harding are a very elegant brand and their products really reflect the trends of the moment (i.e. pink and rose gold!).

The one and only set of beauty products that I received this time was their La Maison linen rose and cotton bath set*. This lovely little heart box contains a body cleanser and body lotion, and I think it would make a lovely gift. The La Maison range reminds me of a country cottage, and the smell reminds me of my grandparents' garden. I think I have enough body wash to last me for about 3 years right now...

The only qualm I have with Baylis & Harding packaging is that they put a silver seal over the openings of their products, so you have to peel that off before you can smell what's inside. It just annoys me as I can never get it off and I'm always so impatient to test the product inside - but if you can deal with that, you'll be fine!

Another item from the La Maison range was their linen rose and cotton reed diffuser*. I love a good reed diffuser because the scent lasts for ages and is constant, rather than having to light a candle (I guess it's also much safer!). I didn't open this and put it together today because I want to keep it for my flat that I'll get over the summer - I really want to have a bedroom with hints of pink, so this will fit in perfectly. If it smells anything like the bath products it will be gorgeous!

The next products are all candles, which I was so happy with because Baylis & Harding candles are so beautiful, and my favourite items that they produce. The first one was this gorgeous pink prosecco and cassis cloche candle*. I love that it comes in a glass jar - I don't have any other candles like it and I think it makes it look really elegant and more expensive than it actually is. I actually received some of the pink prosecco and cassis range back in February (review here) and I mentioned that it was my favourite scent of theirs so far - well, this candle is no exception. It has quite a sweet fragrance with a slight hint of berries, and I think it will smell amazing when it's burnt. I also love the packaging of this range, with the pink and rose gold speckles.

This was actually the set of candles that I originally asked for from Baylis & Harding. I love the pink, grey and white colours of the ceramic pots (again, I was thinking that these would work in my new bedroom!), and they all smell slightly very delicate and flowery. The only problem is that one of the candles arrived with a chip in it, but I think I will be able to cover it by putting it at the back.

Although this candle is also from the La Maison range, it is supposed to smell of sea salt and wild mint. It has a very subtle scent, so would be more for people that don't like to be overwhelmed by the scent of candles. But I absolutely love that it is 3 wicks - I think that just makes a candle look so much more expensive and posh than it actually is. Again, this would make a great gift for someone - and the container is white, so it would suit any decor.

I have saved the best until last - I think this is my favourite out of all of the items that I received. Again, a 3 wick candle, which I love. Again, the pink prosecco and cassis candle, which I also love. And it's pink with a silver mirrored inside, which is amazing! This will definitely be going in my bedroom, but I couldn't resist lighting it whilst I was having a bath - and I can confirm that it smells as gorgeous as it looks. Plus it's only £8! I now have three multi-wick candles, so they will be spread out all over my flat.

I've had quite a relaxing afternoon, having a bath and testing out these products, but the rest of the day will be spent packing and driving up north for our flight to Iceland, which is early tomorrow morning. I'm so excited to go! Stay tuned, as I will try to post as much as I can while I'm away - or keep up to date with my Instagram @hannahev19 :)
Sometimes it ends up different, and it is better that way.

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