Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Liquor Lab, Telford

The Liquor Lab Telford

The Liquor Lab, Southwater Square, Telford, TF3 4JG

Sorry for the poor-quality photos, but I'm not dedicated to my blog enough to take a huge camera into a bar with me...

This evening my friends Roxy and Jenny, plus my sister and I decided to go to a new bar in Telford called The Liquor Lab. The Liquor Lab officially opened this week in the Southwater development of Telford, and is currently the only bar in the area.

The Liquor Lab Telford

The Liquor Lab is supposed to be a bit like a chemistry lab, as it serves cocktails in chemistry beakers and has bunsen burners as decoration on the walls. I really liked the whole vibe of the place and it had a really up-beat atmosphere when we entered. It was quite busy, but we were able to grab a table near the bar where we could watch the mixologists make up the cocktails - they were really entertaining.

The menu is extensive, with all of the classics plus some of The Liquor Lab's own cocktail mixes. My first drink was a pina colada, which was served in a Havana Club tin. It was really creamy and could have perhaps done with a little more pineapple, but it was delicious. I then had a couple of mocktails as I was driving, and the Berry Bramble was lovely - it had a mixture of apple, blackberries, lemon, sugar and grenadine. Everyone else also really enjoyed their drinks - I loved Jenny's huge gin glass!

I really like the concept of serving up cocktails in alternative containers to normal glasses, and the chemistry beakers looked especially cool. The cocktails were a standard price at around £6-8, and the bar staff were so lovely. It was busy, but we only had to wait a couple of minutes for our drinks - they were very efficient.

The Liquor Lab Telford

I think a bar is just what Southwater needs, as it would be a great place to end your night after a meal at one of the various restaurants. It's a fun bar to visit if you want some cocktails with a twist, and it has a nice laid-back vibe, I will certainly be back at some point in the future!
If it costs you your peace it's too expensive.

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  1. I went Friday evening with my husband and 2 friends. I wasn't completely impressed to be honest. Lack of seating, smelt funny and rhe decor boring. As I was driving I asked for a Coke to be given a small bottle which tasted like proper ' cheap ' cola. Quick, lovely service though and my friend said her Cosmopolitan was very nice!!
    I will go again and experience it for the 2nd time. So I'm not knocking it on the head completely!!